Custom Packing Solution:

Our facilities have you covered when it comes to repackaging.  We can repackage in both retail and food service presentation. Packaging options range from 8oz to 40lbs packages.  We can pack in both S.U.P. and pillow presentations. 

Benefits of using our custom repackaging solution

  • Optical sorting services available
  • High speed vertical form fill seal
  • All VFFS film types capable (laminate, built in zipper, gussets and more)
  • 6-way blending system(pre-made pouch)
  • Repacking 4 oz to 5 lb poly
  • Bulk repack services (10 lb to 50 lb)
  • IQF fruits and vegetables
  • Re-work and re-case services available
  • Inspection and grading services
  • Quality Assurance Lab on site
  • HACCP & metal detection on all lines